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Do you remember the excitement that preceded a school field trip? Your class had been studying about something for weeks, and now you were actually going to get to see it for yourself. Perhaps it was a trip to the museum of nature and science to see dinosaurs: perhaps it was a trip to the art museum to see paintings of great masters. The thrill of experiencing for yourself what you had only previously heard about or seen in books was a joy to be savored.

How long has it been since YOU took a field trip? Our world is an amazing place. What do you want to see? Is it the Great Pyramids of Giza? The Great Wall of China? The Eiffel Tower in Paris? The Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museum? Or do you want to see a show on Broadway? Experience sunset at the Grand Canyon? Watch "Old Faithful" erupt? Whatever your wish, the experts at Travel Plus International can help you plan and book your special trip. If you want to travel with like-minded individuals, there are escorted group tours that focus on excursions to many of the world's scenic destinations. Professional Tour Directors guide your journey and share unforgettable details about what you are seeing – much like the good school teacher of old. With an escorted tour, your hotel, transportation, much of your dining, and your admission to the must-see sites is included. Often, with VIP access, you skip the long lines and get behind-the-scenes experiences that are not offered with individual travel. While you do have some "free time" for personal exploration, the logistics are taken care of for you – removing the headaches and legwork that typically comes with planning a vacation. Not all tour companies are alike. There are companies that only work with young adults (ages 18-35), and some preferred retired guests. Some companies are more value/budget conscious, and others specialize in the luxury product. Travel Plus International has developed long-standing, strategic partnerships with many of the most respected escorted tour companies in the industry. Contact our office today and give yourself or someone you love the joy of a sightseeing tour.

Hawaii Travel


Oprah Winfrey said "The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams". Is it your dream to experience the exotic culture of a foreign land? Are you an adrenalin junkie who thrives on extreme sports? The professionals at Travel Plus International understand your quest for adventure. They have traveled to far corners of the world, cuddling tigers and riding elephants in Thailand ~ hiking the Great Wall and Sacred Way in China ~ exploring ancient ruins in Greece and Turkey ~ photographing wildlife while on African safaris ~ climbing the Inca trail at Machu Picchu ~ snorkeling and scuba diving in the South Pacific ~ and zip lining in Costa Rica. So define your dream, and then trust someone who understands your passion for adventure and who has "been there / done that". Call Travel Plus International: Your next adventure is waiting!

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