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Since the time of Lief Ericson, Christopher Columbus, Captain James Cook, Sir Francis Drake, & Ferdinand Magellan, mankind has been intrigued with crossing the oceans.

Today, cruising is the #1 rated vacation experience, and cruises have a higher percentage of satisfied customers than any other type of vacation experience. 

Take a look at why cruising continues to be the fastest growing segment of travel.

1. Simplicity and Convenience: your cruise stateroom is your floating hotel. Wake up in a different destination each day, and only pack and unpack once. Put your wallet away while you’re onboard, and enjoy the many inclusions of cruising.

2. Value: compared to similarly inclusive land vacations, your dollar goes farther on a cruise. Your beautiful stateroom, dining, dancing, live entertainment, informative talks and lectures, children’s activities, and more are included when you choose to cruise.

3.  Romance: since the late 1970’s when the TV show “The Love Boat” became popular, cruising has appealed to those seeking romance. Fine dining, Broadway shows, lounge chairs by the pool, dancing under the stars, staterooms with private balconies opening up to exotic ports of call:  the allure of the sea continues to  beckon.

4.  Variety:  today’s cruise ships offer a myriad of activities. Here is a brief list of some of our client’s favorite things to do: eat (the ships offer many dining venues - from formal to casual), find Lady Luck in the casino, party in the nightclub, surf or boogie board on the Flowrider, zipline high above the decks, ice skate, be pampered in the spa, sip a cool drink in a hot tub, exercise in state-of-the-art fitness centers, enjoy a comedy club revue, play miniature golf, shop in the onboard boutiques, or simply lounge by the pool.

 5. Choice: There are currently over 250 ships sailing to over 2,000 ports of call around the world. Each ship and each port has its own unique ambience and culture. With so many options, trust an expert to help you navigate through all the information and find your perfect cruise. The Cruise Line International Association has recognized the agents at Travel Plus International as “Master Cruise Counsellors”. Whether you are looking to plan your first cruise or organize a group, contact us today. We are happy to help!

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